Multinationals & Large Businesses

The sophistication in information management required by Multinationals & Large Businesses, with multiple locations and distinct reporting requirements, adherence to international policies and procedures as well as compliance or regulatory submissions requires an understanding of these practices and requirements. Access to information by a Shared Services Center or a Head Office, with specificity of data or the requirement of exacting international standards needs to be understood and deployed.


Derby RMS, with its staff from multinational/international organizations and with work experience from Asia/Pacific, Latin America/Caribbean and Middle East/Africa provides an unique understanding and experience that MNC’s and Large Businesses can easily relate to.


Multinationals & Large Businesses Information Management Solutions offered by Derby Records Management

Derby RMS, with its international experienced personnel brings enterprise grade Information Management, Digital Document Management services by providing solutions which specifically meet the exacting needs of such organizations. Providing experienced staff for digitization, remote access to digitized records, on line records search, shredding services and handling of financial transactions are just some of the facilities that Derby RMS can provide. An additional service of consulting for the Records Management Process at the MNC/Large Business is also available.


Benefits of using Derby Records Management Solutions

Derby RMS meets all the exacting standards required by MNCs and Large Businesses:

  • Locational advantage of storage in a state of the art zone which has excellent zone maintenance and upkeep standards
  • 24/7 inside and outside the premises patrolling
  • Secure retention with extensive access control and alarm systems and 24/7 camera monitoring
  • Connectivity of premises to the Police and Civil defence
  • Pest control, Climate control, isolated facility with excellent infrastructure
  • Close to the port and airport
  • Easy access and deployment to the site
  • Conforms to all international standards
  • Experienced and dedicated personnel
  • Excellent communication infrastructure
  • Separate disaster recovery site and contingency plan
  • Close SLA monitoring


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