Legal Firms Information Management

The exceptional growth of electronic information has brought about new challenges involving storage, protection and recovery, of both physical and virtual records, in the field of legal information management. With over 90% of legal records now being in the electronic format, it has become a prerequisite for legal firms to protect their clients’ interests and privacy while keeping compliant with federal, state and local regulations.


Derby RMS, with its extensive experience in the legal field, provides optimal storage, protection, and recovery plans of your information and documents within your specified budget. Our specially trained industry experts will work closely with your staff to analyze your unique requirements and anticipated needs, and help you to develop a truly comprehensive, integrated Legal Firms Information Management solution.


Legal Firms Information Management Solutions offered by Derby Records Management

At Derby RMS, our legal information management solutions are specially designed to simplify administration, lower the costs of information management and bring about an easy transition to electronic law practice. Our customized legal information management solutions include

  • Litigation support services
  • Document imaging services
  • Physical records storage and management
  • Electronic records management
  • Confidential and certified shredding


Benefits of using Derby Records Management Solutions

Law firms are constantly under pressure to reduce spoliation, malpractice and non-compliance risk when it comes to management of legal information, and failure to do so can result in loss of client confidence, malpractice suits, stiff penalties and fines.


At Derby RMS we understand this pressing need and provide you with an effective Legal Records Management program that uses a combination of various technologies to bring you an integrated approach towards Legal Firms Information Management. Choosing Derby RMS will also bring you an extensive range of benefits including

  • Provision of 100% legally compliant services that ensure proper management of information efficiently and within the given budget
    • Trouble-free transition to the electronic law practice by integrating electronic document management in our Online Records Center and provision of online data backup into your everyday workflow
    • Easy storage of paper records in our state-of-the-art hard copy records center, with the provision of ‘Scan-On-Request’, which will give you immediate digital access to all your paper records whenever needed
    • Password protected database that enables each member of your staff to access only those records he or she needs
    • Exclusive availability of documents via our specially developed web based ‘Access Technology’, giving you instant access from any internet connection, plus the facility for physical delivery when necessary
    • Complete chain-of-custody assurance for all your legal documents, from record creation to its destruction
    • Availability of a secure web portal that enables you to take full advantage of our complete menu of services at any time via a click of the mouse, an email, phone call or fax


Contact Us now to enhance your productivity and responsiveness through our streamlined legal records storage, retrieval and access solutions.