Health Care Information Management

An efficient Health Care Information Management solution plays an extremely vital role in the health and well-being of patients, by providing physicians with the right information at the right time. Effective off-site and onsite patient records management that are in compliance with regulatory requirements not only optimize resource management, but also improve patient care and satisfaction.


At Derby RMS, our extensive knowledge and experience in the healthcare sector allow us to provide information management strategies and solutions to improve business processes and reduce time to value. We understand that the world of medicine is a practice based on precision, promptness and performance and provide the tools and processes necessary to manage complex cases, improve employee effectiveness, and enable increased patient participation and feedback.


Health Care Information Management Solutions offered by Derby Records Management

Our Health Care Information Management services include:

  • Onsite patient record management
    • Onsite physical document management
    • Onsite electronic records management
    • Customized retrievals and re-file processes based on the type of record


  • Off-site patient record management
    • Offsite physical document storage
    • Off-site electronic document archiving on-demand
    • Electronic retrieval through customized search utilities
    • Conversion of onsite records to off-site records and vice- verse
    • Financial transactions
    • Laboratory forms
    • X-ray and radiology records


Benefits of using Derby Records Management Solutions

Our specially trained professionals, technologists, and analysts work with our clients to implement solutions for capturing, normalizing, analyzing, and administering vital healthcare data. At Derby RMS, we understand that speed and instant access to healthcare information directly impacts human lives, and our Medical Records Management plan ensures that all medical records are accurately tracked and available at a moment’s notice.


By choosing Derby RMS as your Health Care Information Management partner you also gain additional benefits that include the:

  • Secure storage of medical records ensuring privacy protection of vital patient information
  • Facility for easy migration to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) management
  • Provision of Derby RMS Health Care Information Management suite that seamlessly links every department including Accounting, Billing, Patient Services, Compliance, Medicine, Human Resources, and Information Technology for easy and cost-effective management of healthcare information
  • Easy accessibility via Scan-On-Request service that can scan and digitally store all your records within our Media Vaults , as well as physically within our Records Center
  • Exclusive availability of medical documents via our specially developed web based ‘Access Technology’, giving you instant access from any internet connection, plus the facility for physical delivery whenever necessary
  • Availability of a secure web portal that enables you to take full advantage of our complete menu of services at any time via a click of the mouse, an email, phone call or fax


Contact Us to create an integrated Health Care Information Management strategy that will enable you to focus on your core competencies while being assured that your data is accurate and up-to-date.