Financial Institutions & Banks Information Management Solutions

With the financial Institutions & banking services industry producing billions of transactions per year, the need to invest in a reliable and trustworthy information management solution has regained top priority. Various factors like rising costs, economic pressures, constantly evolving regulatory requirements, and increased competition from non-traditional entrants in the banking industry have created a challenging business environment for banks and financial institutions in the UAE.


At Derby RMS, we provide comprehensive information management solutions that are aimed towards reducing costs, improving customer service, increasing customer wallet-share, complying and adapting to new regulations, and mitigating risk management. Our cutting-edge technologies and specifically designed services help you meet the unique needs of today’s financial services industry.


Financial Institutions & Banks Information Management Solutions offered by Derby Records Management

Our extensive experience in the banking and financial service industry helps our clients keep pace with the advancements in technology and remain competitive globally. As a client of Derby RMS you can choose any or all of our of customized solutions that include

  • Daily banking transactions management
  • Credit card & loan file
  • Management of bank’s record facility
  • Cheques management
  • Physical records storage & management
  • Electronic records management
  • Confidential & certified shredding


Benefits of using Derby Records Management Solutions

We at Derby RMS understand the prime importance of data privacy in the banking and financial sector and the need to manage financial information and business data efficiently. In whatever format your data maybe, either paper or electronic, we provide comprehensive solutions that are customized to suit your every need. When you choose Derby RMS as your information management partner you gain the multiple benefits of

  • An effective records management program combining the latest technologies to bring you customized solutions with an integrated approach
  • Legally compliant services that ensure proper management of information efficiently and within the given budget
  • Conversion of all your paper records to digital records in our Online Records Center, with the option of a cost-effective retention program
  • Easy storage of paper records in our state-of-the-art hard copy records center, with the provision of                ‘Scan-On-Request’, which will give you immediate digital access to your paper records when needed
  • The provision to develop a system linking different departments, including human resources, accounts payable, accounts receivable and IT for easy management of financial information
  • Complete chain-of-custody assurance, from record creation to its destruction


All of our Derby RMS services are available through our exclusively developed web based ‘Access Technology’, giving you 24/7 access from any internet connection, enabling you to order any service at any time via a click of the mouse, an email, phone call or fax.


Contact Us today to gain access to a comprehensive and transparent Financial Institutions & Banks information management solution.