Physical Records Management

Management and maintenance of physical records is inevitable in any organization. Depending on your organization needs, you may need to maintain printed or signed documents in their physical form. Implementing an effective archiving system can be technically difficult and has its implications on cost. The faster your organization grows; record management, storage and its security risks become a greater challenge.


Derby provides the most reliable and secure compliance-grade record management process in the industry, making us the preferred choice for organizations worldwide.

The Derby Advantage

The best in technology: We understand how valuable and sensitive your physical records are. We take no chances. Derby is equipped with round-the-clock security, motion detectors and advanced access controls to ensure the highest level of security for your records. Our systems also ensure that your physical records are fully protected in the event of natural or accidental disasters.


Simple yet secure: Though our world-class facility is equipped with state of the art security and safety systems, partnering with us to manage your physical records is simple. Our agents work with you at every step ensuring a free flowing process so that you don’t lose out on your valuable time.


Cost effective pricing: Partnering with Derby means you have the best pricing in the industry without any compromise in quality, security and support. Our clients now experience a reduction of 30 – 50% in their storage costs.


Timely delivery: All your records are indexed and updated in our secure systems. Once a request for a record from an authorized personal is validated, our proactive process helps us retrieve and securely deliver a carton, file or document in a timely manner.


Data confidentiality: Physical records at Derby are stored and managed through our digital authorization and management process. Our advanced bar-coding and password authentication systems ensure that only authorized personal can view and manage your records.


Secure destruction: When a physical document reaches the end of its life-cycle or becomes obsolete, Derby alerts you and assists you in securely destroying it.


What can Derby help you with?

Derby has a range of specialized solutions for archiving and managing various types of physical documents. Some of them are:

  • Banking archives
  • Accounting data
  • Insurance & claims information
  • Corporate agreements
  • Human resource documents
  • Medical records


Contact us or fill up our simple form to hear back from us on how we can partner with you to provide a personalized Physical Records Management solution.