Media Vaulting & Rotation

Information assets are the greatest assets for any business and hence providing the highest level of protection to your data is of paramount importance. Derby’s wealth of experience in the field of disaster recovery and their world class media vaults can prove to be the answer to all your media storage and business resilience concerns.


Derby’s Media Vaulting & Rotation services are comprehensive. Not only do we provide the most secure media vaults, we also help you formulate effective strategies on where to store backup media, how to plan rotation schedules and how to make the data readily available when you need it. We’ll assist you with identifying potential risks, making your business more resilient and protecting your stakeholders.

The Derby Advantage

Using Derby’s Media Vaulting & Rotation services is the best way to equip your organization to handle any potential threats to your data and your business reputation. Here are some of the key features and differentiators of our service that you will benefit from:


World class, temperature controlled fire vaults: Our Media Vaults that are built to shield your documents against a wide range of threats like humidity, dust, incorrect lighting and even fire. The vaults are built with security precautions like:

  • FM 200 suppression systems
  • CCTV, temperature monitoring systems
  • Sophisticated temperature and humidity control mechanisms
  • Anti-static flooring and shelving
  • 24/7 fire, smoke and theft monitoring


Permanent barcode for easy retrieval: All your media is assigned a unique barcode which makes data retrieval in case of a disaster extremely easy. Our sophisticated data management system records these barcodes and details of custody that can be accessed by authorized personnel.


Round the clock services: Our services are available for you 24/7. We do everything possible to ensure timely, reliable service whenever you need us.


Collection from your office facility: We can send our well equipped, temperature controlled vehicles to your office for backup media collection based on a predefined schedule.


Effective disaster recovery management system: Derby keeps you well prepared to put your business back on track in the event of a disaster. Our comprehensive solutions include disaster recovery, business continuity planning and risk management to give you complete peace of mind.


Contact us today to get the best in technology, infrastructure and expertise for your media storage needs.