Digital Document Management

Are you searching for a fast, easy and cost-efficient way to scan pre-existing documents to digital formats and digitize new information? Do you need an efficient indexing system for all the above scanned information? Your search ends here.


At Derby, we offer Digital Document Management that will free your company from the many pitfalls that come with the use of hard copies. Our Digital Document Management service will give you an easy and hassle free way to convert millions of documents – both physical and electronic into easy to maintain digital images. Likewise, our service will help your entire business process more profitable by providing you with easy access to critical information in the shortest amount of time.

The Derby Advantage

Derby’s Digital Document Management: At Derby, we have pioneered a unique Digital Document Management  process that ensures all your digital document projects are effectively managed within your proposed budget plans. Our Digital Document Management process includes the following steps:

  • Document study and analysis: This step includes a complete study and analysis of the volumes, types, needs and technical details of the documents that need to be scanned and indexed.
  • Provision of a financial estimate: Based upon the results of the study our team will provide you with a detailed financial estimate that will give you an idea about the costs involved.
  • Onsite/Offsite project set up: Once we gain your approval you can choose to have the project executed either at your office or ours.
  • Project implementation: After the digital documentation process is completed, you can choose for it to be integrated within our secure document management system or within a pre-existing one.


Advantage of using Derby’s Digital Document Management: At Derby, we focus on streamlining our clients’ document management system to facilitate easy storage and enable efficient management of their digitized documents. When you choose us, you gain added benefits that includes:

  • The use of state-of-the-art technology: We use only the latest in technology to convert all your voluminous data and images into electronic or digital format.
  • An efficient disaster recovery system: Apart from providing document managing solutions we also provide an efficient disaster recovery system customized to fit in to your document management needs.
  • Data confidentiality and security: Our Digital Document Management process is designed to ensure foolproof security and confidentiality with the use of stringent privacy policy implementations that conform to international business standards.
  • Round-the-clock customer service: Our 24/7 client response team is always ready to answer your queries and offer technical support whenever needed.
  • Cost-competitive pricing: Our economical pricing structure is the best in the field, enabling you to save big on costs and invest more on other core business initiatives.


Contact us today and gain the best quality scanning and indexing services at unbelievably low prices.