Secure Shredding

Permanent and secure destruction of sensitive information has become an important business necessity due to the security risk of valuable printed information falling into the wrong hands. Therefore it is essential to choose the right company for your document destruction and shredding needs.


At Derby, we offer secure, environment friendly and legally compliant shredding solutions for both paper based and non-paper based records at a cost-effective price. Since our main focus is to maintain confidentiality, security and legal compliance, you can rest assured that all your information destruction needs are being taken care of by the best in the industry.

The Derby Advantage

Derby’s Secure Shredding Process

At Derby, we understand that secure information destruction has become a business imperative for organizations of all sizes. And to meet this growing need we have developed an environmental friendly shredding strategy that is designed to be on par with the global industry standards of security.


This is how our Secure Shredding process works.

  • Data collection and management: Our data collection involves a series of secure processes and procedures that ensure a consistent ‘chain of custody’ of all documents, whether paper based or non-paper based. We ensure that this ‘chain of custody’ remains unbroken until your documents are destroyed in compliance with our Secure Shredding process. Furthermore, we also offer storage facilities to store your documents in our system and maintain them until they need to be discarded of.
  • Secure document shredding: As per the terms of our predefined agreement, we wait for your notification before shredding your data in a safe and secure environment. We also offer the option of carrying out the entire process at our premises in front of your witness, if needed.
  • Provision of ‘Certificate of Shredding’ on completion: Once the documents are shredded, we ensure that a ‘Certi­ficate of Shredding’ is issued immediately. This not only ensures that your data is destroyed in a legally approved manner, but also enables you to keep the track of all shredded documents.


Benefits of using Derby’s Secure Shredding Solutions

Using Derby’s Secure Shredding Solutions will guarantee you the privacy and security of your information and that of your customers and employees. When you choose Derby to take care of your shredding needs, you gain a wide range of further benefits that are customized to fit in with your various organizational needs. These benefits include,

  • Assurance of security in the shredding process: Security is our main priority. By maintaining a consistent ‘chain of custody’ of all documents, we ensure that there are zero breaches in security.
  • Legally compliant information destruction services: We maintain strict compliance with the privacy and information disposal laws at both the federal and state levels.
  • Convenient and flexible services: Our customized shredding solutions offer flexibility of location and adoption of customer friendly strategies that include the provision of a ‘Certi­ficate of Shredding’ upon completion of each project.
  • Environmental friendly ‘green’ shredding solutions: We are a certified ‘green’ company and employ only environmental friendly shredding solutions in keeping with the current environmental concerns.
  • Cost-effective shredding solutions: Our solutions are cost-effective, enabling you to save more and channelize these resources into your core competencies.

Choose Derby’s Secure Shredding services offered at a cost-competitive price and gain numerous advantages for all your information destruction needs.


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