Films & Sound Archives

Films and Audio tapes are invaluable materials that offer glimpses into our culture and history. They are the result of a lot of painstaking effort from many individual geniuses and therefore deserve the utmost care.


Derby’s highly secure Films & Sound Archiving system enables television production companies, movie studios and advertising agencies preserve and archive their media assets in the best possible manner.  From original records to entire media libraries, we are equipped to meet all your media tape storage, archival and retrieval requirements.

The Derby Advantage

Why choose Derby

When you’re choosing a service provider for safeguarding your precious media assets, you cannot afford to compromise. Decades of experience in working with different media organizations have enabled us to create customized and highly effective solutions to cater to a wide variety of media preservation requirements. When you hire us, you will enjoy many benefits like:


End to end media tape archiving and storage services: We are truly a one stop shop for all your media preservation needs. From audio and video tape duplication to preservation and inventory maintenance, tracking, and transport, we can handle it all.


State of the art storage facilities: Our highly secure media vaults, climate controlled storage and transport facilities are unparalleled. You cannot find a more optimum storage facility for your extremely sensitive media material. The sheer variety of the perfect vaults we can provide for your different media will amaze you.


World class archiving process for easy retrieval: Derby has a highly sophisticated and secure bar coding system that makes inventory management, tracking and transportation to different facilities a breeze. Your audio and video material can be retrieved as per a pre agreed schedule or by authorized personnel based on your requirement. We work 24/7 to support you enabling you to keep your precious media assets always within reach.


Global presence: Derby has media vaults across several continents facilitating long term archival and preservation even in the event of a disaster. Our international facilities have highly secure massive underground vaults that provide the perfect storage environment.


Our Films & Sound Archiving services: We offer a diverse range of audio and video tape services including:

  • Audio and video encoding
  • Audio and video restoration
  • Audio duplication and post-production support
  • Conversion to meet broadcast standards
  • High-definition services
  • Supply of archival containers for different media


Contact us or fill up our simple form to hear back from us on how we can help you to preserve and archive your media assets in the best possible manner.