New Services Launched

Derby Records Management Solutions has recently launched its services via an excellent state of the art facility at the Media Production Zone (off Emirates road). The facility provides Banks, Financial Institutions, Multinationals, Small & Medium Enterprises, Government Organizations, Legal Firms, Hospitals/Medical facilities solutions for all their records management needs. The state of the art Digital Document Management process for the records, with easy remote access, will make the entire retention and access process ahead of its time. Derby will also make available its Consultancy Services to be able to assist clients improve their processes and ensure they are not under a situation which can use loss to the business as a result of absence of attention to the records management procedures as well as absence of attention to planning for disaster recovery situations.


With 24/7 external and internal patrolling & guards, live connectivity to the Police & Civil defence, excellent camera coverage & recordings, Pest & Climate controls, locational ease and access to the Airport and Port – Derby’s RMS facilities will meet any international standards.


Derby Records Management Solutions are designed to cover the complete life cycle of information.  An overview of the services includes:

  • Physical Records Management
  • Media Vaulting & Rotation
  • Digital Document Management
  • Cheque Management
  • Secure Shredding
  • Films & Sound Archives
  • Outsourcing & Consultancy


Derby boasts of its facilities being designed by users so as to ensure ease of use while not compromising any requirements