• Physical Records Management

    Management and maintenance of physical records is inevitable in any organization. Depending on your organization

  • Media Vaulting & Rotation

    Information assets are the greatest assets for any business and hence providing the highest level of protection to your data is

  • Digital Document Management
    Digital Document Management

    Are you searching for a fast, easy and cost-efficient way to scan pre-existing documents to digital formats and

  • Cheques Management

    Rising customer expectations, intensifying competition and constant systemic changes has made it

  • Secure Shredding

    Permanent and secure destruction of sensitive information has become an important business necessity due to

  • Films & Sound Archives

    Films and Audio tapes are invaluable materials that offer glimpses into our culture and history. They are the result

  • Outsourcing & Consultancy

    Whether you need to evaluate your existing system of information management or want to formulate a data

About Our Company

Derby Records Management is a leading information management company, with headquarters in UAE providing services that help organizations get the most out of their information assets. Various industries trust Derby with storing, managing and ensuring the safety of their information. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure, highly skilled workforce and unrivaled inventory management system work together to create the perfect information management solution for you. Our solutions are designed to cover the complete life cycle of information. Our mission is to make world class information management and business continuity solutions accessible to businesses in emerging economies. Our vision is to be the best in information management by consistently providing quick, innovative and highly effective solutions.